About Us


BOSF (The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) is a non-profit organization with the vision to establish  "the realization of Bornean orangutan conservation in its habitat with the community’s participation”.  The history of this organization started in 1991.

Currently BOSF is taking care of more than 830 orangutans (as of April 2010) with the support of 420 highly dedicated staff with a deep affection towards wild animals and their habitat, as well as experts in biodiversity, ecology, forest rehabilitation, agroforestry, community empowerment, education, and orangutan health care.

The BOSF coordinate its activities with the Ministry of Forestry, and the foundation is supported by the network of 12 BOSF’s partner organizations around the world. Every year, the BOSF financial report is audited openly  by a reputable auditor.

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